Portuguese Cabotage: Claims Procedures

To ensure a correct and more swift  process of the presented claims, BOX LINES NAVEGAÇÃO, SA (BXL) request all his customers to observe the following procedures in case of accidents/damages:

1.    In the situation of damages to the shipped cargo, the Receiver/Shipper/Consignee of the cargo must report said damages to the Insurance Company with whom he formalized the cargo insurance transport and handle with it the claim file until its end.

2.    Afterwards, the Receiver/Shipper/Consignee of the cargo must immediately request the presence of a BXL representative and allow a reasonable time so that BXL can survey the cargo under claim; simultaneously, whenever possible, the customer will present a damage pre-notification to BXL Agent;

3.    BXL, through the decision of its Insurance and Claims Department (DSR), will proceed with a survey of the cargo when such survey is relevant to the correct definition of its responsibility;

4.    Next step, and within the legal deadlines, the Receiver/Shipper/Consignee of the cargo must present a formal complaint to BXL Agent, with the following obligatory information:

»»  Name of the vessel
»»  Voyage and date
»»  Bill of Lading
»»  Summary description of the damages
»»  Estimated value of the damages
»»  Identification of the Insurance Company to whom the Receiver/Shipper/Consignee of the cargo reported the damages;
»»   Other detail considered relevant (for example, photos, copy of invoices, packing list);

5.    After gathering and analysing all this data, BXL compromises itself to answer the presented claims within a reasonable time.

6.    BXL is not responsible for any damage and/or missing items transported inside vehicles, reserving itself the right not to accept transporting any of these items.

Insurance and Claims Department (DSR)

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